The Company

The Stretton Property Group was set up in 1995 by Neil Lamont and Simon Chantler. It began its life as a strategic land investment company, buying up land on a freehold basis suitable for commercial planning permission, obtaining planning permission and then developing the commercial units to sell or to let. From 1995 to now, it has developed over 6 million square feet of commercial industrial and office property. It currently owns just over 1.5 million sq ft of industrial units which are tenanted.

Throughout its life, the group has evolved and spread into most of the main areas of property. From 2009 to 2011, the Stretton Property Group acquired 50% shares in three separate property companies each with different areas of expertise and asset spread. Between them, these companies specialise in Retail and Industrial development, Strategic land acquisition and Student accommodation.

Executive Team

Simon Chantler
Neil Lamont
Ed Chantler
David Thrussell
Andy Brown